Friday, August 23, 2013

Sound Off, Pre-Collegiate Network!

Well, it's here...the official kick-off to the 2013-2014 academic school year! Welcome back, administrators, teachers, students and families! We, at CERRA, are absolutely thrilled about the journeys we will embark upon with pre-collegiate programs this year. We are equally excited to introduce you to our new CERRA staff member, Darleen Sutton, the 2014 SC Teacher of the Year. (See photo below.) Also, please join me in welcoming 10 new ProTeam instructors and 32 new Teacher Cadet instructors to our network!

Did you know that our pre-collegiate programs have Facebook pages? Yes, we do! If you are a FB user, please “like” us and encourage everyone to do so, too! To connect with our ProTeam Program, you can find us at "proteamsc" or at the following link:

To connect with our Teacher Cadet Program, you can find us at "teachercadets" or at the following link: Want to win a Teacher Cadet Prize Package worth over $75.00? Click on the following link to read more about our promotion, “Drive to 1,000 Likes:” Let's see who will win the grand prize! "Like us," and you will be entered into the drawing! You can also follow us on Twitter (@teachercadets) or download the Teacher Cadet app in iTunes or Google Play. 

Frequent updates and new developments about our pre-collegiate programs will be delivered via social media, so connect with us TODAY!